What Is A Good Powder For 45 Acp

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I too find that Titegroup works properly in both 9mm and 45 acp. I even have used it and vihtavori but the titegroup is a great bit cheaper so its what I use 95% of the time.

With a barely slower powder as it runs at better stress however each will push a 9mm a hundred twenty five over 1000fps and a 230gr forty five at 800fps making it the first-class powder to use. Universal burns.

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If you're new and looking for a powder to "get your feet wet" with in .45 ACP, I'd probably have to suggest W-231 / HP-38. Measures well, has a decent load range and is almost always produces accurate loads. The .45 has the benefit (or liability, depending on your outlook) of being very versatile in the powders it performs well with.

Apr four, 2020.

All the primary powder manufacturers make propellants with suitable density and burn price traits for the .45 ACP. Popular selections.

Cdhbrad. Bullseye or VVN310, 4.0gr of either, under a 200gr Coated SWC works tremendous in every .Forty five ACP I very own from 1911s to my CZ97 and S&W 25-5. N320 or W231/HP-38 also are awesome powders for .45ACP, I simply haven't taken the time to paintings up loads as I have lots of my favorites and 1# goes an extended weight at four.0gr/round.

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Feb 28, 2012.

Bullseye, 231 and #5 are all proper however #5 is surely candy. I use the Lee powder dippers so the exceptional grain of #5 enables hold the masses regular.

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I'm searching out the great powder for .45 ACP 230gr ball and 230gr Gold Dot hollowpoint solid base. I'll be capturing out of a Kimber 1911 and a HK45. More likely the HK for the hollowpoints. I'd want to not have it cross overpressure. For the ball ammo regular manufacturing unit spec is pleasant, I don't need 900+ fps.

Jul 23, 2019.

There isn’t any shortage of suitable powders for loading the 45 ACP. You can't cross incorrect with those 16 powders from Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester. I.

I shoot USPSA (IPSC) and though the 50 yard goals are getting rare, I'd like to realize that the powder I use in my .45 ACP reloads will make the ones loads as accurate as reasonably viable in case a 50 backyard stage pops up. (accuracy is like money: you could never have an excessive amount of). Bullet I use is a Zero logo, 230 grain RN FMJ.

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When we remember all of the elements that make for a good pistol powder, we assume N320 is one of the best to be had propellants for the .45 ACP. Vihtavuori N320 is very correct, it meters properly, and it burns easy, with minimal smoke and flash. If you haven't attempted VV N320 yet, you need to. Pros and Cons of Different Powders for the .Forty five ACP

Apr 16, 2020.

Hodgdon has revolutionized .Forty five Auto goal taking pictures while it introduced Titegroup. Titegroup meters like a dream. It produces constant accuracy.

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ACP stands for computerized Colt pistol. The time period is associated with several sorts of ammunition developed by prolific American firearms clothier John Browning for the Colt Company. ACP ammo is typically used in semi-computerized pistols.

Best powder for 9mm and .Forty five ACP? Wondering what all and sundry's desired powder is to work great in nine and .45 ACP. My projectiles are Eggleston round nose .452" 230 grain .45 and Eggleston round nose .357" 124 grain for 9mm. The rounds are going through a Kimber Custom II 1911 and a CZ 75B. This thread is archived

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Top-exceptional lead-alloy bullets may be as accurate as jacketed bullets within the forty five ACP and are appreciably much less high-priced: (left to right) Missouri Bullet Co. Two hundred-Gr. SWC Polymer-Coated, Rim Rock 255-Gr. SWC, Hornady 200-Gr. SWC with Dry Lube, and Lyman #452374 225-Gr. RN.

863 Posts. #5 · Oct 31, 2020. My order of preference: BE- messy, however undeniably correct with a protracted records of being so. Win 231 – Meters properly, light expenses, ignites without problems. AA5 – accurate accuracy, meters OK. Power Pistol – Availability driven me to it but I've yet to hit the candy spot in 45ACP.

There are loads of powders to be able to paintings within the .45acp. W231, Bullseye, Unique, Power Pistol, Titegroup, H310, and H320 simply to call some. What powder you pick out is up to you. All of those I've indexed (and plenty of more) produce suitable effects.

For the ones wishing to maximise the .Forty five ACP, this is a brilliant load. The Speer G2 Gold Dot offers excellent enlargement. Hornady 220-Grain +P Critical Duty This is some other +P load. Don't fear, the metallic-body 1911 will take it. I fired a 5-shot, 25-backyard organization for accuracy inside the Les Baer 572 Hemi.

Nicely I bet it relies upon on what load is the maximum accurate, powder desire doesn't affect reliability as long as there's sufficient electricity to make it cycle find it irresistible have to Exactly. I prefer Ramshot Zip for 9mm, 357Sig and forty five ACP. A little competitive in 9mm, best for 357SIG and a touch tender for forty five ACP. ZIP burns fast. Nice to shoot.

. Steve Aikens